ETHGPT : A chatBot for Ethereum

ETHGPT is a GPT-powered ChatBot for up-to-date Ethereum information.

ETHGPT : A chatBot for Ethereum

ETHGPT is a GPT-powered ChatBot for up-to-date Ethereum information. Jiayaoqijia released a post in which he states about the launch of ETHGPT. They have taken SolidityGPT to next level by integrating resources like go-ethereum & Ethereum Research.

Ethereum's growth over 8 years brought numerous updates, documentation & codebases. These materials are scattered and there is no centralised server for information, making it challenging for developers & users to stay current on news, like Shapella upgrade.

ETHGPT stores generated vectors. Also allows users to query questions & search the vector database, supplying GPT with accurate contextual information for precise responses.

As ChatGPT's knowledge is limited to pre-September 2021 information, updates have been lacking with the latest Ethereum information, such as the Shanghai upgrade, through new documentation generation.

ETHGPT is designed to answer all your Ethereum related questions quickly and accurately. It bridges the gap using go-ethereum, ChatGPT, langchain & NextJS.

ETHGPT will significantly improve the efficiency of accessing Ethereum related information, helping users and developers better understand the Ethereum ecosystem.

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