Shapella Upgrade: Final Testing & Preparations

Shapella Progress, Erigon 2.42.0, Upcoming Client Updates, EIP Status Updates, Final Testing & Preparations

Shapella Upgrade: Final Testing & Preparations

Shapella is an upcoming Ethereum upgrade that aims to enable staked ETH withdrawals from the Beacon Chain. It is scheduled to be activated on the Ethereum network at epoch 194048, i.e., 22:27:35 UTC on April 12, 2023. Ethereum's core developers discussed the Shapella Upgrade in detail during the recent All Core Devs Call.


Shapella Progress

The Ethereum Foundation made an announcement earlier this week, which included all the client releases compatible with the upgrade, EIPs, and other information related to the upgrade. The activation of ETH withdrawals is a key highlight of the upgrade. Ethereum node operators are advised to update their nodes to the latest client versions as listed in the Ethereum Foundation's blog post. We recommend that our readers check out the EW team's video on ETH withdrawals below.

Erigon 2.42.0

Erigon 2.42.0 has been released. Node operators using Erigon should update to this version.

Upcoming Client Updates

Prysm and Lodestar are expected to release optional updates before the Shapella mainnet activation. However, the current versions listed in the announcement are already compatible with Shapella.

The Nethermind team is planning a 'monster release' with several new features after the Shapella upgrade. They have delayed these updates to minimize the risks associated with the Shapella launch.

Final Testing & Preparations

The final mainnet shadow fork for testing Shanghai clients is scheduled for next week. EVM fuzzing has started across EL clients to ensure the stability of the upgrade.

EIP Status Updates

Pooja Ranjan from the Ethereum Cat Herders group reminded EIP authors, whose EIPs are included in Shanghai, to update the relevant code repositories on GitHub to reflect the final status of their code changes from proposed or in draft to a status of finalized and implemented.

Alex Stokes has merged the PR to update EIP-4895, i.e., to add the mainnet timestamp for the Shanghai fork

The Next ACDE Call is scheduled for April 13, right after Shapella uograde.

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