EtherWorld Weekly: 4th February, 2023

EtherWorld Weekly: 4th February, 2023



Ethereum News

Eheterum Shanghai fork
The Shanghai fork will likely go live soon, and one of the things it does is enable withdrawals from the Beacon Chain. Staked ETH that's been collecting interest will finally be available.

National Australia Bank to launch Stablecoin on Ethereum
According to the Australian Financial Review report, NAB has announced that the bank is planning to launch a stablecoin called AUDN which aims to launch in the middle of 2023.

StarkWare to Open Source Its Ethereum Scaling System
The company said the plan to open source will take time to implement, but StarkWare is committed to making the entire tech stack transparent for developers.

ETH inflation has been 872x less than BTC
Ethereum switched from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake in September. Supply of Ethereum in circulation is now declining. The net impact is the slow rate of new Ethereum issuance.

World News

MakerDAO Approves to Deposit $100 Million In Yearn Finance
Governance members of Dai stablecoin issuer MakerDAO community has approved a proposal to deposit around $100 million worth of USDC from its reserves into a special investment account known as a "vault" into Yearn Finance.

Uniswap Permit2
Permit2 smart contract allows for seamless token approvals, any app can request approval through a signature, allowing to do multiple actions like approve & swap in a single transaction.

ZenGo Seedless wallet on Polygon
ZenGo offers a wallet with no seed phrase vulnerability and intuitive wallet solutions which meets the growing user demand, non-custodial wallet provider ZenGo has integrated its wallet solution with Polygon.

The Scroll_ZKP Pre-Alpha testnet has officially produced 1M blocks
Scroll is an EVM-equivalent zkRollup to scale Ethereum. Pre-Alpha testnet has prduced 1M blocks and the reason is here.

An upcoming multi-millions USD burn and a bridge to a new blockchain just got featured on Binanace
Volt Inu announced a multi-millions USD burn & 3rd blockchain coming in February.

Coinbase Teams Up with Rocket Pool
Coinbase Ventures, U.S.’s largest centralized crypto exchange, said it planned to team up with Rocket Pool’s powerful Oracle DAO.

Project Updates

Solidity 0.8.18 released
Disabling CBOR metadata, Support for Paris Hardfork, Deprecation of selfdestruct and Change in EVM bytecode generation from Yul are the features new release.

Aave V3.0.1 is active on Ethereum mainnet
he Aave V3.0.1 Ethereum pool is activated, where it has completed all the initial setup and listed WBTC, WETH, wstETH, USDC, DAI, LINK, and AAVE, which is already pre-approved by the community.

Polygon PoS Hard Fork
Polygon finished the hard fork to address the issue with gas spikes and chain reorganisation.

Clients Updates

Podcasts & Videos

Highlights of ACDE 154

  • According to Barnabus Busa, Zhejiang Testnet is facing some configuration issues, and client teams are looking into it.
  • The Shapella fork on Zhejiang Testnet is planned for Tuesday at 3 pm UTC.
  • Sepolia & Goerli Testnets will be used for Testing the Withdrawals after Shapella Fork on Zhejiang is completed.
  • Ethereum Core Developers then discussed the results of the EIP-4844 Gas Cost Benchmark Tests conducted on Execution Clients.
  • Point Evaluation precompile fail tests execute much faster on Geth and Erigon.
  • Nethermind has a bit higher engine overhead, clearly visible for lower-priced benchmarks like RipeMd or Sha256.
  • A new method to the eth namespace was introduced, i.e., eth_getAccount.
  • This new method returns either The account, if it exists in the state trie, or null if the account does not exist in the state trie at the given block/state root.
  • Lastly, Vitalik Buterin's Proposal for Transaction SSZ refactoring for Cancun was also discussed.
  • This proposal introduces five new SSZ transaction types:
    • SignedLegacyTransaction
    • SignedEIP2930Transaction
    • SignedEIP1559Transaction
    • SignedBasicTransaction
    • SignedBlobTransaction

Future Events

  • The Blockchain Event - Feb 14-17,2023
  • Block Mountain - Feb 24-25,2023
  • Future Digital Finance - Mar 06-07,2023
  • Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit - Mar 08-09,2023
  • Blockchain Africa Conference - Mar 16-17,2023
  • DC Blockchain Summit - Mar 21,2023



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