Ethereum Bulletin #64

Erigon Client Release, Is Censorship on Ethereum possible?, 1st EVM-Native Optimistic Rollup, Monitoring of Ethereum Nodes by Kiln Finance, Prepare for Merge on Prysm

Ethereum Bulletin #64


Latest Erigon Client Release

Here are the changes introduced in this client release, i.e., 2022.08.03-alpha:

  • Fixed invalid block production when invalid transactions are in the tx pool.
  • Disabled PoW sync for the networks that already passed through the merge.
  • Fixed more inconsistencies between snapshot files and their metadata in the database.
  • Fixed a lot of minor bugs and safety issues.

Erigon Team has also advised that there can be more releases before the actual merge, so it is advised to upgrade to whatever is the latest tagged release version. Here is the link to its official Github Repository. All client releases (EL & CL) to support The Merge on the Ethereum mainnet are out now. Given Below is a quick recap from EW Team.

Is Censorship on Ethereum possible?

Here is a quick podcast of Ethereum Researcher Justin Ðrake with the Bankless Team on Censorship in Ethereum.

1st EVM-Native Optimistic Rollup

Specular has described itself as the first EVM-native optimistic rollup that provides stronger security and decentralization properties than existing optimistic rollup solutions. It is fully compatible with EVM, and achieves:

  • a minimal trusted computing base, improving security, auditability and upgradeability;
  • support for permissionless participation of multiple Ethereum clients, enabling client diversity;
  • sufficiently efficient dispute resolution.

Here is the link to its official whitepaper.

Monitoring of Ethereum Nodes by Kiln Finance

Kiln is the leading enterprise-grade staking platform, enabling institutional customers to stake assets and to whitelabel staking functionality into their offering. If someone is interested in setting up a robust monitoring system for their Ethereum node. Then, Here is a link to a quick guide from Kiln Finance. Here, Sébastien Rannou has explained how Kiln manages to run and monitor thousands of validators on behalf of their clients to ensure they get the best staking rewards out of their crypto.

Prepare for Merge on Prysm

A quick and comprehensive guide release on Everything Node Operators Need to Prepare for the Ethereum Merge by Raul Jordan, Ethereum core developer @prylabs. This post covers everything node operators need to know in a checklist format.

Read more

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