Ethereum Bulletin #3

EIP- 4844, Open Ethereum is Deprecated, Metamask to integrate Coinbase Pay, Geth v1.10.18 (Sharblu) is released!, Join Merge Community Call #4, StarkWareLtd raised $100M

Ethereum Bulletin #3


EIP- 4844, Transaction validation has been sped up by verifying aggregated KZG commitments

EIP-4844's full name is "Transaction calldata gas cost reduction with total calldata limit". Its main objective is to reduce the cost of uploading off-chain data to on-chain to ~20% that is by ⅕ without introducing potential attacks on the network! With the current EIP-4844 proposal it takes about 40ms to validate the blobs which might be too slow for mempool validation. With this PR the verification time of the entire transaction will be reduced until about 3.5 ms regardless of the number of blobs included.

Open Ethereum is Deprecated

OpenEthereum support has officially ended. The repo is now archived, and all maintenance and updates have stopped, the major cause of which could be that the OE legacy codebase is 7 years old and increasingly difficult to manage. Earlier the Gnosis team was supporting the OE and they took over the primary oversight of the project but they stopped doing so in 2021 and now Nethermind fully supports the Gnosis chain. ErigonEth will also support the Gnosis Chain. Hence it was required for OE to be deprecated as there are no support clients.

Metamask to integrate Coinbase Pay

Coinbase has launched Coinbase Pay for Coinbase Wallet which will be integrated into Metamask for transfer and purchase of crypto.

Geth v1.10.18 (Sharblu) is released! PoS transition enabled on Ropsten Testnet

As the Merge is approaching sooner than you think, this release of Sharblu is ready for the Merge transition on the Ropsten testnet, and will activate the Merge on Ropsten when the testnet reaches a total difficulty of 43531756765713534.

Many changes related to the Merge , Geth , Go Library etc have been made. You can learn about those changes here.

Join Merge Community Call #4

There must be hundreds of questions running through your head related to the Merge , #TestingtheMerge , PoS etc and the most important being When is the Merge happening?

All queries like these along with overview of testnet upgrades, client releases, info for validators and infra providers will be addressed in the Join Merge Community Call #4.

Tune in on Friday June 3rd - 1400 UTC (10 ET)

Zoom Link

StarkWareLtd raised $100M and 4x its valuation to $8B in six months

StarkWare Industries was founded in 2017 and aims to provide scaling and security solutions for Ethereum-based products through its “STARK” mathematical systems, which aim to enable more efficient use of blockchain. They just raised $100 million at a valuation of $8 billion, the company shared on Wednesday. The new capital came just six months after the unicorn closed a $50 million Series C, quadrupling its valuation from $2 billion to $8 billion.

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