Ethereum Bulletin #4

Beacon Chain 7-Block Deep Reorg, Prysmatic Labs Released v2.1.3-rc.0, Governance proposal for ENS domains, Mirror launched writing as an NFT, Sign in with Ethereum, Rarible Integration with Immutable X

Ethereum Bulletin #4


Ethereum Beacon Chain Experienced a 7-Block Deep Reorg

A blockchain reorganisation is a situation in which there is a network failure, such as a bug, or a malicious attack, temporarily resulting in a duplicate version of a blockchain; this happened to the Ethereum beacon chain which lasted for 7 blocks. Martin Köppelmann, CEO and co-founder of Gnosis stated that "the analysis by Georgios Konstantopoulos, CTO and research partner at Paradigm and Vitalik Buterin here was too optimistic when the article claimed re-org stability will improve in POS over POW " and this event shows that "the current attestation strategy of nodes should be reconsidered to hopefully result in a more stable chain!"

There are many theories people are putting forward in this regard and in context of the upcoming Merge between the Ethereum Blockchain and The Beacon Chain which will shift the PoW consensys protocol to PoS. Terence made an attempt to break down the situation more technically and logically and explained how it happened .

Prysmatic Labs Released v2.1.3-rc.0 - Ropsten Beacon Chain Pre-Release

The Ropsten Beacon Chain is the first ethereum testnet transitioning to proof-of-stake for which Prysmatic Labs released this RC which introduces support for the Ropsten beacon chain, which sets to genesis on Monday, May 30th, 2022 3:00:00 PM +UTC. The Merge of Ropsten is expected to happen on TTD 43531756765713534, which is early June 2022. Any stakers who wish to participate on the ropsten beacon chain for the merge must use this release or beyond.

This is a pre release , itv means that it is not production ready and any mainnet usage is not recommended. Hence this should only be used for testnets.

Governance proposal for ENS domains to allocate some % of it's drop to PG pilot

The Protocol Guild has made a governance proposal for ENS domains to allocate 200k ENS (~3.7% of the unclaimed airdrop) to the Protocol Guild Pilot , a vested split contract which directs funding to 110 Ethereum core protocol contributors over one year. The reason why this proposal was made is that ; ENS is one of the most successful projects built on Ethereum, and yet core protocol contributors do not benefit in any way from the success of projects being built on Ethereum.

The Protocol Guild provides a vehicle for the ENS community to distribute governance tokens to those individuals who build and maintain the foundational infrastructure that ENS relies on.ENS sponsorship of the Guild allows members to engage with ENS in a way that is values- and incentive-aligned.

Mirror has launched writing as an NFT , written posts can be minted now

Mirror is a web 3 protocol mainly for writers , it has helped thousands of writers – including DAO operators, NFT projects, engineers, investors and protocol teams – to introduce their best ideas to the ecosystem.

Mirror has introduced a new way of sharing knowledge and thoughts through Writing NFTs which allows you to mint your writing as a digital collectible and set a customizable supply and price.Writing NFTs are completely free for writers to create, and collection happens on an Ethereum L2—making transactions inexpensive, fast, and environmentally friendly.

Writing NFTs live on Optimism!

All you have to do is connect your wallet to Mirror and you're ready to post, price and mint your work.

Sign in with Ethereum have launched its APIs in different languages

Sign in with Ethereum along with Ethereum is supported by Spruce and ENS domains . Spruce announced on its twitter account that SIWE has undergone some upgrades .

The interfaces have been updated to allow consistent usage across languages for SIWE message parsing, creation, and verification, they've added a number of optimizations, and have released a new beta of our TypeScript library with the included changes.

Rarible is integrating with Immutable X for trading of gaming NFTs

Robbie Ferguson , co-founder of ImmutableX, announced that Rarible, a renowned L2 scaling solution on Ethereum, has successfully collaborated with Immutable, a leading open source and multi-chain NFT protocol . This collaboration has enabled the trade of gaming NFTs instant and without any payment of gas fees . As Immutable X is carbon neutral it has reduced any negative impact on the environment . The NFTs will be listed on Rarible protocol's independent marketplace .

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