EtherWorld Weekly: Dec 07, 2020

Eth2 founds its first violator, AAVE v2 testnet launch, Libra renamed as Diem, technology, trade, events and more...

EtherWorld Weekly: Dec 07, 2020


AAVE v2 mainnet launch

Decentralized money market, AAVE launched its second version with improved features like gas optimization, credit delegation, stable interest rate and more...

S&P Dow Jones Indices Launching Cryptocurrency Indexes In 2021

S&P DJI joined hands with New York based crypto asset software and data company, Lukka and is ready to launch cryptocurrency indexes in 2021.

Libra getting ready for a relaunch with a new name Diem

Facebook has announced renaming its ongoing Libra Project to Diem. The company has also released a list of new executive members to join on- board.

Crypto exchanges offering Eth2 staking services

Major crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken and Binance announced support for Eh2 staking with rewards. ConsenSys brings Institutional Staking Tools for Ethereum 2.0.

The first Eth2 validator slashing reported on the next day of Serenity launch

Eth2.0 genesis, network penalized its first validator, highest performer, clients update, network performance, what's upcoming in Ethereum blockchain and more…

TCS’ Quartz DevKit deploy support for Ethereum

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading global IT company, announced to add Ethereum blockchain in its QuartzDevKit solution. Quartz DevKit allows programmers to write business codes. Adding Ethereum to its platform will help to ensure expansion of work across blockchain technologies.

Visa and BlockFi teams up to launch credit card

Visa unifies with New- York based startup BlockFi to launch a new credit card that will reward users with cryptocurrency. This can be seen as a step towards mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. The card shall be available for the public use by early 2021.


INDEX liquidity mining update by Anthony Sassano

Economic Analysis of EIP-1559; Q&A with Vitalik Buterin

EIP-1559 Transaction Sorting: Overview

EIP-1559 Implementers' Call 7

Roadmap for Ethereum Network ahead of Eth2 beacon chain launch


Deriswap, an all-in-one DeFi protocol
Deriswap combines different DeFi segments such as swap, option and loans on to a single platform. Through the project, founder Andre Cronje is trying to build a capital efficient network for Ethereum users.

Investors of DeFi project lost $11 million in smart contract ‘Rug Pull’
A DeFi project, Compounder has been rug pulled by the malicious developers and investors lost $11 million in crypto.

The first ever meta-governance proposal for Compound is live!
DeFi project, Compound Finance has released new proposal 030 to remove unused code from Comptroller and added a grant function to its governance model. Users can now send $COMP token to any address. announce merger with Sushiswap has joined forces with decentralized exchange platform Sushiswap. Both will share each other’s resources to speed up the development of both protocols.


Trade and Wallet

Coinbase to support Flarenetwork’s Spark airdrop

Coinbase customers with XRP balances as of midnight UTC on Dec. 12, 2020 will receive Spark tokens from Coinbase at a later date after the Flare network launch. The amount of Spark received will depend upon the number of XRP in the wallet at the snapshot time.

Kraken announce collaboration with Gitcoin to raise funds

Crypto exchange platform Kraken announced a partnership with Gitcoin, an Ethereum based fundraising platform. It will match $150,000 in donations to open-source Ethereum projects

Binance- backed injective protocol launched its testnet

Injective Protocol, a project funded by widely used exchange platform, Binance has recently launched its testnet,. Injective Protocol is one of the first universal DeFi protocols for cross-chain derivatives trading.


Crypto-Civilization | Balaji Srinivasan

EIPIP meeting 22 treasury management

Ethereum 2.0 Genesis Livestream Event

Events and Summits

December 6-9: Future Blockchain Summit
December 9: Paris Blockchain week summit
December 15: Enterprise blockchains 2021 predictions virtual conference
January 25: European Blockchain Convention Barcelona Edition
March 9: Blockchain Week Rome 2021


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