EtherWorld Weekly: Nov 16, 2020

ETC Thanos hard fork, BTC split, Chainlysis extent help yo US agencies, technology, projects and more

EtherWorld Weekly: Nov 16, 2020


ETC Thanos hard fork to happen on November 28

ETC Thanos on Nov 28, 2020. The fork will reduce DAG size. OpenEthereum, OpenETC, Classic Geth and MultiGeth will stop their operations on the ETC network. Hyperledger Besu will continue supporting. ETChash will be the new hash for Ethereum Classic.

Chainalyis launch program to help US government manage seized crypto

Blockchain analysis company Chainalysis announced to launch "Asset realization program' to help US government agencies to manage seized cryptocurrency. The announcement comes days after the US department of justice confiscated Bitcoins worth $1 billion through Silk Road.

Kiribo launch 'UNDO' button to reverse Ethereum transaction

Israeli firm, Kirobo launched a tool that allow users to 'undo' Ethereum transactions. The firm announced Replace-by-fee (RBF) feature that allows to reverse the transactions sent to wrong address by generating a password. The feature is available to everyone who uses WalletConnect protocol like Metamask.

UK Treasury announce to bring regulations on Stablecoins

UK Treasury will lay down guidelines to regulate private stablecoins such as Tether, Circles and USDC to effectively manage the risks associated with it. The  UK Treasury along with Bank of England will consider if central banks can issue their own digital currencies, as a complement to cash.


The State of 1559- Update 003

Geth version v1.9.24 released

Infura Mainnet Outage Post-Mortem 11-11-2020

Strategy for Gekko Bot

What’s new in Eth2 by Ben Edgington

Ethereum All Core Dev meeting 13/11/2020


The secrets to Compound Finance

Compound Finance is a DeFi based solution to buying and selling crypto assets at high-interest rates on the same platform. Stablecoins are used to keep price volatility minimum and lets crypto grow.

Future of prediction market with Augur

Augur is a decentralized marketplace for betting. It rewards REP token for predicting the outcome rightly.

Chainlink launches its new and improved website

Decentralized oracle- based network Chainlink revamped its website with new look and features. Chainlink is a unique project that connects smart contracts with real- world data.

DeFi project Akropolis suffered $2 million loss in DAI

Decentralized finance (DeFi) project Akropolis faced a loss of $2 million DAI from its yCurve and sUSD pools after the attackers' intrusion. As a result Akropolis paused all the stablecoin pools. However, Compound DAI, Compound USDC, AAVE sUSD, AAVE bUSD, Curve bUSD, Curve sBTC, Native AKRO and ADEL staking pools are not affected by the hacking.


Wallets & Trading

How to install Zen Trading Bot

Zenbot is a bot that uses Node.js and MongoDB for the crypto-currency command-line exchange. The guide will explain the trading bot and how to install a Gekko Trading Bot.

Binance founder speaks on recent regulations in crypto world

Chief Executive Officer and Founder Zhao Changpeng in an interview talked about recent developments in cryptomarket and regulations imposed by countries like China and US.

Belarus Bank partner with OTC broker White Bird to offer crypto

According to the reports, the largest banking institution in Belarus, Belarus Bank in collaboration with Whitebird will allow its customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

PayPal starts crypto trading services for US customers

PayPal's cryptocurrency buying and selling services is live now for all its eligible customers in US. The customers are initially allowed to trade up to $20,000 per week. PayPal Holdings Inc. last month announced allowing to use Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin directly within the PayPal wallet.


EIP-2938 with Ansgar Dietrichs & Sam Wilson

AMA w/ Zapper | Co-Founder Seb Audet and DeFi Dad

Chad Cascarilla on Paxos’s Partnership With PayPal

Events and Summits


November 6-21: Hack the Orb

November 17: CFTC Empower Innovation: Future of DeFi

November 20: Account Abstraction Community Call

November 24: SiGMA Europe Virtual Expo 2020

November 25: Virtual Blockchain Expo Europe 2020

November 28: How is Blockchain Going to change marketing? Media partners


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