Ethereum Classic: Agharta Upgrade

Agharta is the upcoming upgrade of Ethereum Classic blockchain expected to be on mainnet in March 2020.

Agharta will proceed Atlantis and enable the Ethereum Foundation Constantinople and Petersburg network protocol upgrades on the Ethereum Classic network, further maximizing ETC-ETH compatibility.

Join ETC Core Devs Call to participate in discussion for Agharta ECIP and timeline finalization on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 1pm UTC. Agenda.

Stay tuned for more update on Ethereum Classic's next upgrade - Agharta !!

Proposed ECIP

ECIP 1056: Agharta EVM and Protocol Upgrades


Interoperability: Establishing and maintaining interoperable behavior between Ethereum clients is essential for developers and end-user adoption, yielding benefits for all participating chains (e.g., ETH and ETC, Ropsten and Morden, Görli and Kotti).

Immutability: None of the introduced new opcodes in the EVM has the potential to change the behavior of existing contracts; in the case where previously an arbitrary invalid bytecode would have been deployed to the network, none of them would be able to modify the state of the Ethereum Classic networks retrospectively. Adding opcodes to the EVM increases its functionality and should be considered a feature upgrade rather than a modification.

Next announced Ethereum Classic upgrade is Atzlán coming up in 2020

  • Meta ECIP-1061: Atzlán EVM and Protocol Upgrades


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