EtherWorld's weekly: May 06, 2019

EtherWorld's weekly: May 06, 2019

(Blockchain Weekly Recap)


World news

  • Facebook Building Cryptocurrency-Based Payments System. Social-media giant is recruiting financial firms, merchants to help launch payments platform.
  • Singapore Students graduating from local schools to receive digital certificates using blockchain technology.
  • BreakerMag is shutting down
  • Tether Lawyer Admits Stablecoin Now 74% Backed by Cash and Equivalents
  • Square’s Bitcoin Revenue Jumped to $65.5 Million in Q1, Its Highest Ever

Ethereum news

Exchange News


  • Ethereum 2.0

    • Lighthouse Update #10
    • Nimbus Development Update - Whisper, 2019 goals, Season of Docs
    • Plasma Group AMA
  • Release


New Projects and Protocol

  • solang: A new solidity to wasm compiler written in rust.

Projects and Protocols update

  • [Maker DAO] Executive Vote: Raise the Stability Fee by 3% to a total of 19.5% per year
  • Filecoin Announcing First Mining Community Call to be held on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 at 11pm UTC.


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