EtherWorld's weekly: March 03, 2019

Constantinople upgrade successfully done; Coinhive will shut down all on March 8; XRP available on Coinbase Pro; GSR to Cut Overstock tZERO Investment; Federal Cryptocurrency Bill Tracker and more...

EtherWorld's weekly: March 03, 2019

(Blockchain Weekly Recap)


World news

Ethereum News

  • Constantinople upgrade successfully done.

  • Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #56 (2019-03-01)

  • Ethereum Cat Herders Update #3

  • ProgPOW

    • Cat herders will publish more official blog post on ProgPOW.
    • Community signals mostly in favor of ProgPOW
    • Hopefully audit will be conducted soon. Two components to the audit -
      • Benchmarking
      • To see how long it would take an ASIC company to actually build a ProgPOW ASIC.
    • Fund raising for audit is live on Gitcoin and Bounties.
  • ENS

  • A Twitter thread covering some of the coolest submissions from Eth Denver

Other blockchain News

  • Coinhive, an in-browser Monero cryptocurrency miner famous for being abused by malware gangs, announced this week its intention to shut down all operations next month, on March 8, 2019.
  • Let’s reminisce about 2014’s bizarre cryptocurrency market



  • Proposing Higher standards for EIPs at Eth Magicians
  • EIP ERC#1775: App Keys, application specific wallet accounts. Eth Magicians Post.
  • ERC-1776 Native Meta Transactions - allows users that simply own ERC20 or ERC777 (ERC1155 could be supported too) tokens to perform operations on the ethereum network without needing to own ether themselves by letting a third party, the relayer, the responsibility to execute a transaction on the ethereum network carrying the desired operations (the so called meta transaction) in exchange of a token reward to cover the relayer's gas cost.
  • ERC#1780 : Semantic Interface Registry / ERC820 Extension. Contract Metadata for Semantic Web Ontologies (first draft).


New Projects / Protocols

  • Zether: a fully-decentralized, confidential payment mechanism that is compatible with Ethereum and other smart contract platforms.
  • Waterloo : a Decentralized Practical Bridge between EOS and Ethereum
    Part I: EOS → Ethereum
  • Helena : inviting crypto experts, industry professionals, and crypto Twitter users to predict key events in the blockchain space. Prediction Markets Platform Is Live on Ethereum Mainnet

Projects and Protocols update

  • Raiden Pulse #4: News from January and February
  • Pantheon 1.0 has arrived. New consensus algorithm + first permissioning system.
  • GiveCrypto Monthly Update — Feb 2019: Doubling-down on Venezuela
  • Aragon Network Vote #1 Review - GOVERNANCE
  • Tokencard February 2019 Newsletter
  • Decentraland to Debut on HTC EXODUS 1
  • Chainsafe Lodestar Bi-weekly Update #3
  • Gitcoin Introducing the CodeFund Referral Program
  • Brave Software and TAP Network Put Blockchain to Work with New Partnership
  • Status 0.10.0 Mobile Release - Blocking, Searching & Syncing
  • Lighthouse Update #08
  • Nimbus Development Update, Feb 2019. It is in sync with the latest Ethereum 2.0 spec changes - the 0.3 release.
  • Building Applications Faster with OpenLaw: The Release of OpenLaw “Elements”
  • An Intro to Truebit’s Interactive Coin Offering
  • The Road Ahead for OmiseGO


Exchange, Minning, Wallet and Trading

  • Kraken offering a $100,000 reward for discovery of Quadriga coins.
  • SoFi to launch cryptocurrency trading in partnership with Coinbase.
  • MyEtherWallet has recently partnered with Coral Protocol to bring secure, trustless transactions to MEW users with the SafeSend Dapp.
  • XRP is now available to trade on Coinbase Pro

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