EtherWorld's weekly: March 10, 2019

Switzerland's Main Stock Exchange Launches Ethereum ETP Trading; South Korean authorities create Task Force to prevent cryptocurrency crimes; Nevada is working towards friendliest blockchain states; eToro launches crypto exchange in US and more...

EtherWorld's weekly: March 10, 2019

(Blockchain Weekly Recap)


World news

  • IBM X-Force Red Launches New Service for Blockchain Security Testing. New Service Uncovers and Helps Address Security Vulnerabilities in Blockchain Design and Implementations.

  • Israel regulatory authority recommends regulated platform for cryptocurrency trading

  • Switzerland's Main Stock Exchange Launches Ethereum ETP Trading

  • South Korean authorities create Task Force to prevent cryptocurrency crimes

  • Nevada is working hard to ensure it is one of the friendliest blockchain states!

  • #InternationalWomensDay

Ethereum news

Other blockchain news

  • Monero Mined On 400 Vulnerable Docker Servers.
  • 4th Largest Bitcoin Wallet - Emptied
  • Why Ethereum Classic should Adopt Keccak256 for its Proof of Work Algorithm.

Exchange, Wallet, Trading and Minning news



  • EIP-1837 : Explicit transaction fees
  • ERC1836: Upgradable Identity Proxy
  • EIP-1822: Introducing the “Escape-hatch” Proxy. Medium.
  • EIP-1815: EIP that standardises the interface of blind auction contracts (first draft)
  • EIP-1812: Ethereum Verifiable Claims


New Projects / Protocols

  • ZRNT - Executable spec for ETH 2.0, implemented in Go. Reddit
  • Vaulttel: VaultTel offers enhanced security against software wallets alone as it uses enhanced iOS and Android platform with VaultTel Chip validation in addition to encryption data storage and biometric authentication. Coindesk.
  • ETHMail: ETHMail is an email provider. It providers email services like Gmail.
  • SmartPy : An intuitive and effective smart contracts language and development platform for Tezos with Python syntax.
  • Kyokan: Announcing our Plasma MVP Alpha

Projects and Protocols update


Out of the league

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