EtherWorld's weekly: December 30, 2018

OpenNode turned down $1.25 million from Roger Ver; Wall Street Quietly Shelves Its Bitcoin Dreams; Unicef France now accepts Dai; Vitalik's response to Tuur; Melonport is now waterMelonport and more ...

EtherWorld's weekly: December 30, 2018

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World news

Other blockchain news


  • Reddit Thread with the list of all Ripple (XRP) partnerships

  • A Bitcoin Private (BTCP) case study by Coin Metrics. Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is a fork-merge of Bitcoin and ZClassic. Over 2 million Bitcoin Private tokens were covertly premined.

  • Ethereum Classic Difficulty Formula by Christian Seberino.

Ethereum News



New Projects and Protocols

  • Orbit: CRYPTO WAGERING WITH NO LIMITS. Peer-to-peer wagering with no house where you control the risk and a player always wins. Live on mainnet.
  • Announcing EnjinX: Ad-Free, User-Friendly Ethereum Blockchain Explorer. EnjinX is a modern, fast, responsive web app for exploring Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens & blockchain data. Bitcoin, ERC-1155, ERC-721, Litecoin & Dogecoin support will come in 2019, making EnjinX the first universal blockchain explorer—ever.
  • Announcing 3Box.js 1.1.0 — API Boost: 3Box.js gets a few major performance upgrades. Now with support for GraphQL queries, network cache and local cache.

Project updates

  • Gitcoin End of Year Letter 2018
  • From Melon to waterMelon. Melonport is now waterMelonport.
  • Brave Rewards is anonymous donation system integrated directly into the Brave desktop browser. It will clearly indicate which publishers and creators have not yet joined Brave Rewards, so users can better control how they donate and tip.
  • Daonomic Integrates Kyber To Allow Different Tokens To Be Accepted For Token Sales
  • Unikrn launches UMode skill-based game betting platform in 41 states.
  • Indorse Year in Review 2018
  • Zilliqa Project Update #24 — Happy Holidays from Zilliqa
  • The 2018 Recap of Recaps: XYO By the Numbers!
  • JIT for Truebit


Out of the league

Print, Video, Podcast & Interviews

Blockchain good reads

EtherWorld's collection of Good Read on Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Wallets, Exchange, Trading & Mining

  • Hacking the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets
  • Ledger - Still Got Your Crypto: In Response to’s Presentation. Every sensitive assets stored on the Secure Element remain secure. Don’t worry, your crypto assets are still secure on your Ledger device.
  • Bitfinex and Ethfinex to Complete Data Migration to Dedicated Bare-Metal Servers on January 7th 2019. The last stage of the migration managed will take Bitfinex and Ethfinex offline for up to seven hours.
  • SWIFT Blockchain adds Dash (DASH) to its blockchain wallet app

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