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New Projects

  • Lake Trade: A beautiful, ZERO-FEE decentralized trading platform powered by Ethereum and 0x. Reddit
  • Chainlyt - Ethereum contract explorer with decoded data. Reddit
  • Bcmy: A fully-fledged multi blockchain-based asset wallet and payment system for all kinds of payments and transfers.
  • IXXO: Making decentralization invisible to the users.

Project updates

  • Blockport launches the Blockport Academy, the first phase of their social trading model + USA expansion
  • Connext Community Update #4 - Business models, upcoming talks, re-launches!
  • Indorse Dev Update — 14 November 2018
  • Zcash Blossom and proposed feature goals
  • Aragon Q3 Development Update. Congratulations to @AragonProject for 100 DAOs on mainnet!
  • Brave's SpeedReader: Fast and Private Reader Mode for the Web
  • Gitcoin Gas Station
  • Truebit Network Sync Issue #1
  • MPX powered by MARKET Protocol is live on the Rinkeby Testnet!!!
  • Livepeer - Call for Transcoder Feedback - Streamflow Protocol Update Proposal Draft
  • 0x Protocol - Introducing the 0x Launch Kit. Launch a relayer in under a minute.


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