Ether Scam Alert!!

Ether Scam Alert!!

Beware of scammers!!

Innocence and greed most of the time lead to fraud. It is always advised to be careful and check it twice before believing anything that is hard to believe. Most of the time, if it doesn't seem real, it actually isn't.

Cryptocurrency is a new venture for non technical people. It has a lot of scope for con artists to fool people pretending to be one of the famous personalities in crypto space. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum has been quite loud about these scammers. In past, using his twitter profile he warned users several times about EMAIL SCAM - receiving emails from his name asking for ETH. Sarcastically, he even said, "Don't send me ETH, I am too lazy to return".

Now something new is in market. Scammers are using same twitter profile name as Vitalik Buterin to disguise his followers. Instances where scammer pretends to be him, announcing giveaway ETH or asking small donation of ETH with promise to return 10 times or more have surfaced.


It looks legit with same twitter profile name, profile picture and Ethereum Foundation like background, but it isn't. Not only common man but news website even got confused and reported story.

Vitalik [tweeted]

How can you be sure if a twitter is legit?

This could be highly confusing at times, so how can we identify who is the real one?


To avoid being scammed, stay informed. Look for registered mark in twitter as above to ignore fraud accounts. Apparently, there are 324994 scammers out there. DO NOT send these people ETH.

Vitalik's Appeal



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