TREZOR getting ready to support Bitcoin Gold

TREZOR getting ready to support Bitcoin Gold

TREZOR hardware wallet has issued statement for their users over Bitcoin Gold, a proposed fork of Bitcoin, sharing its history up until the block height 491407 (around October 24, 6am UTC).

According to the blog published by SatoshiLabs today, Monday October 23, 2017 that,

"if you have held bitcoins on TREZOR before block 491407, you will have the same bitcoin gold balance as your bitcoin balance."

However, TREZOR Wallet will not support Bitcoin Gold yet as Bitcoin Gold has a subsequent pre-mine period, and launch of coin is still unknown.

Bitcoin Gold’s codebase is, at the moment of the writing, incomplete and it lacks replay protection. For this reason, TREZOR Wallet will not support Bitcoin Gold yet, as it would endanger your bitcoins. But, TREZOR (the device) will support Bitcoin Gold. You will receive Bitcoin Gold on your TREZOR (both new and legacy accounts are supported in bitcoin gold), if you have Bitcoin before fork on TREZOR wallet. If you simply wish to hold BTC and BTG, there is no further action required from you.

It is important to have replay protection in Bitcoin Gold (BTG) to prevent spending the same amount of coins on the other chain. As Bitcoin Gold is a fork of Bitcoin, the transaction format, the signatures, etc. are the same. A transaction on one chain could be copied to the other chain and will be valid, possibly leading to unintended loss of coins.

If the replay protection is a part of the Bitcoin Gold codebase, TREZOR team will make all of efforts to develop support for Bitcoin Gold, Since the work on the code started so late, they will probably not be ready for the launch day of Bitcoin Gold. The ongoing discussion is available here:

Nevertheless, TREZOR has voiced its requirements openly on Twitter and on GitHub, so we hope that replay protection will become a reality. The ongoing discussion on GitHub is available here.

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