EtherWorld's weekly: October 22, 2017

EtherWorld's weekly: October 22, 2017

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Ethereum News

  • Ethereum Byzantium hard fork completed.
    a. Updates - 1200 blocks into Byzantium so far so good. Difficulty almost fully readjusted, block times already back below 20s

  • Ethereum Network Handles Record 500,000 transactions every 24 hours without Congestion.

  • Another misrepresentation of Vitalik Buterin's statement, "Central Banks Lack Ability to Create their Own Digital Currencies
    o Clarification by Vitalik Buterin:
    "Yay, more misrepresentation!
    I DID NOT say: CBs cannot make digital curr.
    I DID say: if a CB does soon it'll be on a server, not blockchain"

  • MetaMask Phishing Alert -there is a malicious Metamask imposter in the Chrome Web Store.

  • EthWaterloo highlights -

  1. Intro to Solidity and Remix by Hudson Jameson
  2. talks on how decentralization will change society from Joe Lubin, Vitalik Buterin, Julie Maupin and William Mougayar
  3. Jeff Coleman on mechanism design
  4. Vitalik Buterin on privacy through Strong Cryptography

Print, Video, Podcast & Interviews

New Projects & Whitepaper


  • Pryze: Sweepstakes on the Blockchain•

Project updates and Press Release

Good Reads on Blockchain

Developer's Update

Newbie's section

ICO or Token Sale

Events - Conference, Seminar, Meet-up, Hackathon, Competition etc.

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Disclaimer: This list of ICO is NOT an endorsement by EtherWorld and it may include scam projects. Readers are requested to do their own research before investing into any project.

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