Ethereum's Dencun Devnet, Goerli planning, Eth_Multicall and more!

Highlight from ACDE meeting 174, Devnet-12 launch, Execution clients documentation.

Ethereum's Dencun Devnet, Goerli planning, Eth_Multicall and more!

The Ethereum Core Developers recently convened for their 175th Execution Layer (EL) call, discussing surrounding development networks (devnets), the intricate Goerli upgrade timeline, and the unveiling of a revolutionary RPC method known as eth_multicall. Here's a detailed exploration of the key insights shared during this comprehensive meeting.

1. Devnet Updates:

  • Devnet 11 Stability: The community reported Devnet 11 as mostly stable, addressing minor peering intricacies between EthJS and Lodestar.
  • Lighthouse Testing: Rigorous testing of new Lighthouse changes, specifically those related to QUIC, is actively underway on Lodestar & Nimbus.
  • Devnet 12 Launch Plans: Despite potential incomplete client integrations, there's an agreement to launch Devnet 12 next week with a prerequisite of 3+ client integrations.
  • Client Readiness: Teku, lodestar, and an external Lighthouse contributor expressed readiness, while further discussion is scheduled for the upcoming Monday testing call.
  • Execution APIs Spec Issue: Resolving an issue related to the execution APIs spec generated consensus, with a notable emphasis on explicit cases to safeguard against potential network splits.

2. Execution Payload Validation Issue:

  • Mikhail and Dustin's Insight: Discussion unfolded around a critical issue where certain EL clients validate an execution payload as INVALID on the initial receipt but subsequently mark it as VALID.
  • Testing Imperative: The potential impact on network stability was acknowledged, prompting a collective call for comprehensive testing.
  • Varied Experiences: EL teams shared their experiences, with Nethermind reporting rare occurrences and Teku highlighting the importance of clear spec communication to navigate such challenges.

3. Goerli Upgrade and Chaos Testing:

  • Upgrade Consensus: Participants reached a consensus to upgrade Goerli to Dencun, with the upgrade deadline set for around December 20th.
  • Post-Upgrade Period: Following the upgrade, a substantial three-month period was designated for validator shutdown, withdrawal, and a unique phase of "chaos testing."
  • Timeline Divergence: Differing opinions surfaced regarding the launch timeline, with a notable inclination towards Goerli release+3 months or mainnet launch+1 month.

4. Eth Multicall Proposal:

  • MicahZoltu's Proposal: A spotlight was cast on eth_multicall, a groundbreaking RPC method introducing advanced features for simulating complex transaction sets.
  • Implementation Progress: Nethermind and Geth have initiated implementations, while the hope is to have it implemented in all EL clients including Erigon and Besu.
  • Validation Modes: Two distinct modes were introduced - validation on (strict) and validation off (similar to eth_call's current validation semantics).
  • Use Case Spectrum: The application spectrum ranges from simulating ERC20 approvals & swaps to oracle updates, showcasing the versatility of eth_multicall.

Ethereum Execution Layer Call 175 demonstrated the community's commitment to discussions on devnet progression, payload validation challenges, the Goerli upgrade strategy, and the introduction of eth_multicall. The nuanced insights shared underscore the collective dedication to ensuring network stability and achieving consensus on critical decisions.

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