Addressing EL Client Diversity & Dencun testing

Adding Blob Side Car, Devnet 12 by 24th Nov, other highlights of ACDC#122, EL client Diversity

Addressing EL Client Diversity & Dencun testing

Ethereum devleopers were at Devconnect last week and most of the Consensus devs joined the ACDC Meeting 122 led by Danny Ryan from a common room to share updates with the community and developers who could not make it to Istanbul, IRL. Here's a break down what happened.

Dencun Testing

The Ethereum blockchain is expecting upgrade called "Dencun"; the Deneb/Cancun upgrade. Most of the client teams mentioned that they will be ready with their next release by this week. They even spoke about starting Devnet #12, which has been under testing for a while.

Blob Sidecar

"Blobs Sidecar", which was discussed in the previous call, the devs are making it easier for these blobs to chat with "Blocks". The client teams from Lighthouse, Teku, Lodestar, and Prysm are on it. They even set a date for Devnet #12 – maybe on November 29th or 30th. Tests are being run to make sure everything works smoothly.

RPC Requests & Hive Testing

Enrico Del Fante, had a question "RPC requests" after the Deneb/Cancun. They spoke about how to ask for missing stuff without causing trouble. They're putting the rules on paper (on GitHub) to make things clear.

Parithosh Jayanthi, a skilled DevOps Engineer at Ethereum Foundation(EF), sought an update on the hive tests. In response, Mario Vega, a key member of the testing team at EF, confirmed that the foundational hive tests for the upcoming upgrade are prepared for deployment. Looking ahead, he shared that the team's agenda includes enhancing the hive test suite with fresh test cases, with a particular emphasis on the builder and "blobber" workflows. This refinement is scheduled to unfold over the next few weeks.

Diversity – Not the Regular Kind

Péter Szilágyi, thinks it's important that Ethereum doesn't rely too much on one type of computer program. Imagine if most of us used the same kind of phone – that could be a problem if something goes wrong. So, Péter suggests we all check our programs with each other, like friends sharing homework. Some developers liked the idea, but others worried it might slow things down. Developers discussed the potential latency introduced by cross-validation and debated the proposal's impact on incentivizing users to switch clients. Despite differing opinions, Geth developer Marius van der Wijden emphasized the importance of avoiding invalid states for the network's health.

It's anticipated that Dencun will be making its debut on the Goerli testnet around mid-December. Stay tuned for the exciting developments!The meeting concluded with a reminder about ACDE meeting next week, even though it's Thanksgiving for some. The next CL call is being held on ETA - 24th Nov.

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