Ethereum Bulletin #82

Coinbase Supporting EIP-4844, Nimbus Release 22.10.0, TWAMM Research: September 2022, Schedule for Protocol Roadmap Session Live!, Erigon Release 2.27.0

Ethereum Bulletin #82


Coinbase Supporting EIP-4844

With The Merge complete, the next big focus for Ethereum protocol development is The Surge.

In May of this year, Coinbase, OP Labs and the Ethereum Foundation began collaborating to specify, implement, and test EIP-4844. As part of this collaboration, Coinbase has dedicated significant engineering resources to the effort because we believe it will have an outsized positive impact on both our business and the broader ecosystem.

Nimbus Release 22.10.0

TWAMM Research: September 2022

0x70626a.eth is researching on TWAMM, i.e., a new type of AMM, that helps traders on Ethereum efficiently execute large orders. It works by breaking long-term orders into infinitely many infinitely small pieces and executing them against an embedded constant-product AMM smoothly over time. Here is the link to the current progress shared by 0x70626a.eth.

Schedule for Protocol Roadmap Session Live!

Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians have announced a rough schedule of Protocol Roadmap Session, i.e., happening on 11th October, 2022. Here is link if readers want to know more about this event.

Erigon Release 2.27.0

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