Ethereum Bulletin #50

Mainnet Shadow Fork 10, Geth v1.10.21 released, Optimism began a new onboarding process, Mirror launches subscriptions for Web3, StarkEx transactions have surpassed 200 million, OpenZeppelin Security Research Fellowship program has been announced, Rainbow now supports NFTs

Ethereum Bulletin #50


Mainnet Shadow Fork 10

Mainnet-Shadow-Fork-10 went online today as it was planned. Mainnet-Shadow-Forks will still happen on Ethereum until the Merge, this is not the final one.

Geth v1.10.21 released

Geth v1.10.21 was released now. Block insertion cannot be done by the engine API while the client is snap-syncing. Now by default, the engine API endpoint ('authrpc') is enabled. This update rectifies a few regressions and configures the Merge TTD on the Goerli testnet.

Optimism began a new onboarding process

Regardless of the user's prior cryptocurrency experience, Optimism just launched a new onboarding flow to educate new users to Optimism in an approachable manner. Users will be able to claim an NFT after completion that features artwork that reflects their interests. They've also incorporated a key crypto primitive NFTs. After starting, users can mint 1 of 5 NFTs, each representing an unique building in the city of optimism, from the Optimistic Explorer Collection on quixotic_io.

Get Started is one of the many projects they are working on to make Optimism onboarding as user-friendly as possible. Users may start utilising Optimism by following the easy steps in the Get Started guide. Get Started is a simple introduction to the ecosystem that guides users through creating a wallet and adding ETH via their preferred bridges or on-ramps.

Mirror launches subscriptions for Web3

The introduction of web3 subscriptions has been announced by Mirror. With this new function, users may now subscribe to any Mirror publication using their wallets and get email notifications whenever new content is published. Web3 subscriptions give authors the opportunity to establish a wallet-based community that can be utilised throughout web3.

Whitepapers, thought leadership, education, fundraising announcements, and NFT drops have all been included in the production. However, there hasn't been a method for communities to use notifications to remain busy until now. Mirror goes a step further with subscriptions by emphasizing on a web3 wallet rather than an email address. They believe that in web3, wallets serve as the primary form of identity representation, and that creators will want to create communities that are represented by wallets rather than emails.

StarkEx transactions have surpassed 200 million

For the blockchain industry, StarkWare develops STARK-based solutions. Their solutions enable scalable, secure, and trustless blockchain applications. StarkEx has successfully executed more than 200 million transactions since its launch, as per a tweet from Starkware.

OpenZeppelin Security Research Fellowship programme has been announced

A crypto-native software and security company named OpenZeppelin delivers the decentralised economy's creators and consumers with the fundamental Web3 tools, infrastructure, and security.

The Fellowship 8-week programme, which is organized by OpenZepplin, seeks to comprehensively onboard and train candidates to become full-time Blockchain Security Researchers. Fellows will have the chance to collaborate directly with the OpenZeppelin team's leading blockchain security professionals in order to build the knowledge and competencies necessary to launch their careers in the field. Candidates can apply until August 10th for 2022 Q3.

Rainbow now supports NFTs

A quick and safe method to create an Ethereum wallet, collect NFTs, and explore the Web3 space is through Rainbow. According to a statement made by Rainbow, its mainnet now accepts NFTs from the Arbiturm, Optimism, and Polygon blockchains.

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