EDCON, the Community Ethereum Development Conference to Take Place Virtually on August 9-11

EDCON, the Community Ethereum Development Conference to Take Place Virtually on August 9-11
Press Release

Singapore—EDCON, the Community Ethereum Development Conference announced today that EDCON is going fully virtual this year. It will stream on August 9-11, 2020.

EDCON 2020 Online Edition will feature a keynote address by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, core researchers and developers Danny Ryan, Karl Floersch, Hsiao-Wei Wang, Aditya Asgaonkar, and others from across Ethereum core development team, Ethereum Foundation, and the Ethereum community.

This year, due to the current situation, all Ethereum-related conferences were canceled, leaving EDCON — the only existing large-scale conference that brings together the Ethereum community. The latest development updates, new projects, and features will be announced around topics of the current state of Ethereum, Ethereum 2.0, DeFi, dapp development, DAO, governance community building, infrastructure, developer ecosystem, and more. All the keynotes and sessions will be made publicly available, without any charge, and everyone who is interested in Ethereum technology or blockchain in general is welcome to join all the programming.

EDCON 2020 Online Edition starts at 8:00 AM Eastern Time every day from August 9 through 11, streaming at https://next.brella.io/join/edcon2020. And replay tracks will also be available for people to dive into the sessions that interest them most on YouTube channel here.


EDCON is a non-profit global Ethereum conference that is held annually in different countries, and it is mainly committed to serving the Ethereum ecosystem, boosting the communication of Ethereum communities worldwide. For more information, visit https://edcon.io/.


For sponsors: sponsor@edcon.io

For speakers: speaker@edcon.io

For press: media@edcon.io

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