EtherWorld's weekly: August 12, 2019

IBM Files US Patent for Blockchain Web Browser Interface, Congressman Reintroduces Cryptocurrency Tax Bill, Aya Miyaguchi joins the EEA Board, Changes on Ethereum Foundation and ecosystem and more...

EtherWorld's weekly: August 12, 2019

(Blockchain Weekly)


World news

Ethereum news

Exchange, Wallet News

  • Algorand (ALGO) is launching on Coinbase Pro on Wednesday, August 14.
  • Serious Security Warning Issued For World's Biggest Bitcoin And Crypto Exchange, Binance


Ethereum 2.0



New Projects and Protocol

  • COTI is deploying its Global Trust System (GTS) on Chainlink
  • Tornado Cash: Introducing Private Transactions On Ethereum. It allows you to send Ethereum cryptocurrency 100% anonymously using groundbreaking, non-custodial technology based on strong cryptography. Reddit
  • CryptoUnlocked: Conditional Fundraising on the Blockchain
  • Gas Stations Network (GSN) launching on mainnet. OpenZeppelin performed the GSN security audit and joined in building and maintaining the code.
  • Ethereum Elements : Harvestable Digital Resource. Mainnet launched on 10th August 2019.

Projects and Protocols update

  • Running a Pantheon Node in Java Integration Tests
  • Kyber Ecosystem Report #5
  • Tokenizing Products Using Uniswap and OpenLaw Part 1
  • Connext V2.0 is on testnet! Contract audits are in progress and expected to go live sometime around ETHBerlin (8/23–8/25).
  • OpenLaw’s Integration Framework: Making it Easy to Integrate Third Party Services into OpenLaw, a sneak peek.
  • Augur v2's Faster Oracle & Market Resolution System


Funds and Grant

Blockchain Opening

  • Görli Testnet Initiative ("Görli"), in cooperation with the Department of Decentralization ("DoD", @ETHBerlin), is looking for a Testnet Coordinator (f/m/*), a.k.a. Görlinator.
  • 10 new jobs at MakerDAO

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