EtherWorld's weekly: March 17, 2019

EtherWorld's weekly: March 17, 2019

(Blockchain Weekly Recap)


World news

  • DocuSign Can Now Trigger Clause Smart Contracts, Co. Preps For Paid Clients
  • SEC Staff to Hold Fintech Forum to Discuss Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Assets. Forum To Be Held on May 31 at SEC Headquarters.
  • Canada Proposes Regulatory Framework for Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Fundación Castro Limón in Tijuana, Mexico, a Nonprofit Children’s Hospital Now Accepts Crypto Donations Via Giveth and Alibre
  • Tokyo crypto-cops nab their first cryptocurrency hacker: the $134K Monacoin thief

Ethereum news

Other blockchain news

  • ECIP-1049: Why Ethereum Classic should Adopt Keccak256 for its Proof of Work Algorithm.

Exchange, Wallet, Trading and Minning news

  • Etherscan added the ability to view/explore "State Changes" for any transaction made.
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM) is launching on Coinbase Pro



  • EIP 1155: ERC-1155 Multi Token Standard. Last Call (review ends 2019-03-28).
  • EIP 1844: ENS Interface Discovery


Projects and Protocols update

  • What’s New With Gitcoin? Product Updates From Q1 2019
  • Goodbye Melonport, hello world! Madeeba Ltd will be building an application layer on Melon which will enable users to enter a one-stop shop for asset management without necessarily being aware that they are using blockchain technology.
  • Connext Introducing the Dai Card. Transact Instantly, Cheaply, and Securely in Dai.
  • Nimbus Development Update, March 2019
  • Golem AMA is happening on April 20th, 18hs, CEST.
  • yeeth updates #2BeaconChain, BLS & Libp2p. Yeeth repositories have been relicensed from GPL-3.0 to MIT.
  • MakerDAO joins the #PiDay celebration by encouraging donations to charity.


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