Geth v1.7.3 (Weir) is released

Geth v1.7.3 (Weir) is released

Geth, the command line interface for running a full ethereum node implemented in Go has released its latest version v1.7.3 (Weir) on November 21, 2017. This is a maintenance release to address various issues in previous releases, most importantly along log filtering and replacement transaction propagation. The release also contains a few developer niceties. Please see compatibility section here!

New features included are-

  1. Roll out v2 of the les light client protocol.
  2. Insta-mining, zero CPU, clique based PoA developer mode.
  3. Add API endpoint to list modified accounts between two blocks.
  4. Gas estimation returns error instead of maxgas if transaction cannot be executed.
  5. Improve EVM jump destination analysis for worst case scenarios.
  6. Enforce application/json for HTTP RPC requests.
  7. Private network faucet support Facebook, Twitter and Google+ authentication.
  8. Support encrypted SSH keys in the Puppeth network manager.
  9. Introduce docker images containing all Ethereum tools.
  10. Start shipping Ubuntu Artful Aardvark launchpad packages.

This release also addresses few bug fixing. Binaries and mobile libraries are available on download page. For a full rundown of changes, please see the v1.7.3 milestone.

Source: Update by karalabe at Reddit

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