Flypme: Crypto to crypto exchange

Flypme: Crypto to crypto exchange

What is Flypme?

Flypme is an account less currency exchange with profit sharing token utilizing the innovative concept of the Ethereum ERC20 Tokens.

Main feature are -

  • Accountless Exchange- is an accountless crypto to crypto exchange with profit sharing tokens.
    The exchange empowers consumers all over the world to trade their cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or tokens, while earning a small percentage from fees of each trade.

  • Profits that the token will generate - empowers any FYP token owners to access shares of the profits generated by the platform from fees: a portion of profit fees per trade on the exchange will be distributed to ETH addresses with FYP on a periodical basis.

  • Possibility of vote and governance - The VIP-access platform will be web-based and users with more than a certain number of FYP can access an exclusive website offering additional special features like data analysis, voting for key decision making, new coin pair additions and more to be later disclosed. is the account-less exchange that you can govern.

  • Auditing with cryptography - Providing an ease of use platform where the profits of the exchanges are auditable by FYP token owners.

Project Overview

Concept: Crypto to crypto exchange based on Ethereum ERC20 Tokens
Digital Currency: FYP

Presale and ICO

The FYP Tokens will be available in two separate rounds, the Pre-Sale and the ICO.

The Pre-Sale period will start on 10-07-2017 15.00 UTC and will end the day before the ICO starts.

The ICO period will start on July 21, 2017 around 15.00 UTC for distributing ERC20 Ethereum tokens to represent project profit sharing and will end at latest on Sep 21, 2017 around 15.00 UTC.

If Hidden-Hard-Cap is reached, the ICO will end 3 (three) hours after the Hidden-Hard-Cap threshold is reached. The exact time for beginning and closing of the ICO period, as for the time of the countdown closing, will be determined in blocks’ numbers of the Ethereum Blockchain. Exact block number for start and end of the ICO will be communicated before the ICO commences. The three-hours countdown when the Hidden-Hard-Cap is reached is counted in 700 blocks.

Soft-Cap will be disclosed as the ICO goes live.

Hidden-Hard-Cap will be revealed as soon as it will be reached and will trigger the 3 (three) hours countdown that will definitely end the ICO.

All token owners will receive proportional profits from the platform, and those with a certain minimum of tokens will have additional benefits such as auditing accounting. All token holders will have the option to propose/vote for features with the stake of their tokens.

Number of tokens created for the ICO:
1 ETH = 4000 FYP
Each Ether collected during the pre-sale and ICO will receive a fixed proportional amount of FYP Tokens, these tokens give access to shares of the profits generated by the platform.
Currencies accepted for this ICO are BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DASH, FAIR, GAME, DCR, ZEC, SYS, PPC, BLK.

The final conversion rate from ETH to FYP Tokens will be published on the website as the presale begins.

During the Pre-Sale, FYP Tokens will be offered with a minimum of 21% bonus and during the ICO, FYP Tokens will be offered until Soft-Cap is reached with a 10% bonus.

The total (100%) of FYP Tokens created will consist of the sum of the Pre-Sale ones plus the ICO ones and the ones assigned to the FlypMe Platform itself. The percentage of the FYP Tokens assigned to the FlypMe Platform is variable (as detailed below) and depends by the reaching or not of the Soft-Cap or Hidden-Hard-Cap at the end of the ICO period.

If Soft-Cap is not reached, 50% of the FYP Tokens will be assigned to the FlypMe Platform and 50% to the Contributors.

If Soft-Cap is reached but the Hidden-Hard-Cap not, 40% of the FYP Tokens will be assigned to FlypMe Platform and 60% to the Contributors.

If the Hidden-Hard-Cap is reached, 30% of the FYP Tokens will be assigned to the FlypMe Platform and 70% to the Contributors.

For full version of terms of token sale, please read here.

Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice but for educational purpose only. Readers are requested to conduct their own research before investing into cryptocurrency. Our website ( neither intend to advertise any project nor recommend buy or sell any cryptocurrency. This is based on information available on internet and is not a sponsored article.

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