Aventus – Event Ticketing solution

Aventus – Event Ticketing solution

What is Aventus?

Aventus is a fair, secure, and transparent blockchain-based event ticketing solution that practically eliminates fraud and unregulated touting. It allows event organizers to create, manage and promote their events and tickets with dramatically reduced costs, even letting them set price controls and receive commissions on ticket resales. It also gives ticket buyers rewards for promoting events and identifying fraudulent activity.

It is a decentralized protocol that eliminates uncontrolled resale and counterfeit tickets based on Ethereum blockchain. The main problem they are solving is the issue of unregulated touting in the ticketing industry. Aventus ensures that nobody is ripped off when buying tickets; that tickets are priced fairly, and that people are rewarded for providing value to events. With Aventus, most of the money you pay for your tickets actually benefits event organizers instead of helping resellers make profits. White paper is available for details.

Aventus is targeting both the sports and music segments in the U.S. and the U.K. This is because of their team’s geographical reach, and the fact that they have the largest secondary market shares, which is where the main Aventus value proposition lies.

What is Avent (AVT)?

‘The Aventus Token’ (AVT), is essential for aligning the economic incentives of participants such that the problems in existing ticketing industry are solved, and for ensuring that minimal fraud occurs in the system.

Its main purposes are:

  • To provide an incentive layer to enable self-regulation of the Aventus Protocol.
    a) Legitimate apps/DApps using the Aventus Protocol so that event organizers and ticket buyers are not taken advantage of.
    b) Legitimate events on the Aventus Protocol so that apps/Dapps do not lose users by selling tickets for fraudulent tickets.
    c) Aventus Protocol algorithm parameters that determine important fees in the system such as the event-creation fee, so that the protocol can constantly evolve to remain competitive.

  • To reward early adopters of the Aventus Protocol, thereby enabling it to benefit from network effects. Network effects apply to the Aventus Protocol since as the number of events using it grows, the greater value it has to third party applications.

AVT's Usecases

Aventus published a detailed blog on AVT’s use cases on June 12, 2017. As per the blog, AVT can be used for:

  • Event hosting - Event is added to the Aventus protocol and an event creation fee (in AVT) is paid to the network to host the event. Event is validated by the network.

  • Ticket sales - Event starts primary market ticket sales. Event starts secondary ticket sales.

  • Voting - Voting on system parameters. Voting on legitimate applications sitting on the protocol

  • Matching -matched with buyers who have previously registered.

Aventus Social Bounty Campaign

Aventus announces social bounty campaign on BitcoinTalk. The bounty rewards will consist of 0.5% of total AVT supply, which is 50,000 total AVT. The bounty is split as below:

  • BitcoinTalk Signatures (10,000 AVT, 20% of bounty pool): These are for people wearing the avatar and signatures on BitcoinTalk. Stakes will be distributed weekly as follows: Hero/Legendary Member: 2.5 Stakes, Senior Member: 2 Stakes, Full Member: 1.5 Stakes, Junior Member: 0.5 Stakes. A minimum of 50 posts in the campaign period will be eligible for bounty.

  • Translation campaign (10,000 AVT, 20% of bounty pool): To be eligible, users must translate the ANN topic and maintain the local community on the BitcoinTalk forum. Must also translate each and every announcement made on the primary thread. For now, our top priorities are Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, French, Portuguese, Filipino, Ukrainian, Hindi/Urdu, Turkish, Italian, German, Croatian, Greek, Polish.

  • Blog posts, articles, and videos (12,500 AVT, 25% of bounty pool): They invite anyone and everyone to come and write articles, blog posts, or produce videos about Aventus and publish through the Aventus Medium channel. Articles should be 350 words, and videos should be no more than a few minutes.

  • Social network campaign (12,500 AVT, 25% of bounty pool): They would like to invite anyone to help spread the word about us on social media. To be eligible, we require you to do at least 2 of the following: 50+ Twitter retweets/likes, Like/comment every Medium post, 10 quality comments and 20 likes on Reddit, 20 shares of posts on Linkedin, 20 likes/shares on Steemit. Stakes will be distributed based on quality of posts and comments, and the number of followers you have.

Project Overview

For more updates, technical blogs and general discussion on Blockchain Technology and Ethereum, please join us at our Website, reddit, Facebook, Medium, steemit and follow us at Twitter. Please feel free to share this post, email us with your suggestions.

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