IOTA Token on Bitfinex, Hits $1.5 Billion Market Cap, ranked under top 10 currencies.

Bitfinix announced trading IOTA, starting June 13, 2017 against USD and BTC. Margin trading for IOTA pairs are enabled as the order book develops suitable liquidity. Bitfinex says that it supports the Internet-of-Things innovation and finds it in Tangle, IOTA’s blockless distributed ledger which is both scalable and lightweight; the more users on the network, the faster it becomes.

Several factors were involved while considered IOTA for trading on Bitfinex. Some of these factors include user requests, market capitalization, design parameters, and a thorough assessment of the token’s development process; including the team behind the token, their strategies for solving technical and nontechnical problems, as well as addressing the scaling issues currently confronting traditional blockchain technologies.


IOTA surprised every one by hitting $1.5 Billion Market Cap on the inauguration day. It was recorded under 10 top cryptocurrencies which is certainly a good news for it's creators. It is trading near 0.60 USD which is certainly good for a new coin to start.

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