Reth: Rust-Powered Ethereum Execution Client

Alpha Release is live

Reth: Rust-Powered Ethereum Execution Client

The alpha release of Reth includes cross-platform binaries and Docker containers for syncing a Reth node. It introduces a new Ethereum Execution Layer written in Rust. Reth demonstrates exceptional performance with a storage capacity of less than 2TB for a database size at block 17.4M. It achieves efficient syncing speed, bootstrapping the chain from genesis to block 17.4M in just 50 hours.

It is feature-complete up to Shanghai, with Cancun as the next milestone. The alpha release also provides Ethereum JSON-RPC support, including fast live and historical tracing capabilities. Below is a comparison table between Reth and other EL Clients, namely Erigon, Nethermind, and Geth.

Reth had its roots in 2020 when the developers working on OpenEthereum at Gnosis recognized the need for a rewrite due to the challenges of maintaining the existing codebase. Discussions began about rewriting the codebase from scratch, leading to the inception of Reth. Here is a brief "ELI5" explanation of Reth:

Reth only supports archive sync mode. However, the team behind Reth intends to introduce more granular storage and syncing options in the near future. Reth has gained early adoption in various ecosystem projects, where it is used as a library. Some notable projects leveraging Reth include: Vid201/aa-bundler, SorellaLabs/ethers-reth, mouseless-eth/rusty-sando & kkrt-labs/kakarot-rpc.

Looking ahead, the team aims to integrate Cancun into Reth, along with the implementation of EIP-4844. The team is also exploring the possibility of supporting the OP Stack and conducting preliminary work in that direction. Reth will also contribute to improving Ethereum Client Diversity.

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