Uniswap plans self-custosial mobile wallets

Uniswap Labs announces to release a new self-custodial mobile wallet.

Uniswap plans self-custosial mobile wallets

Uniswap Labs made announcement planning to release a new self-custodial mobile wallet that will allow users to swap on layer-1 or layer-2 networks without having to switch blockchain. Self-custody is a core dogma of DeFi and ensures your crypto can't be misused by a centralized party.

According to Uniswap Labs, the wallet will offer users to:

  • Trade tokens directly with the most trusted DeFi protocol.
  • Ensure maximum security.
  • Seamlessly switch between Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.
  • Check top tokens by market cap, price charts, and volume.
  • Stay up to date on trends and activity by favoriting tokens and wallet addresses.
  • Connect to any app on Mainnet or L2s with a smooth WalletConnect experience.
  • Back up your seed phrase on iCloud or manually.
  • Get notified when transactions complete on any device with push notifications.
  • Track ERC20s, NFTs, & your favorite wallets.

Uniswap is bringing swap experience to you pocket. The seed phrases and private keys of both imported and newly created wallets will be encrypted and stored on devices using Apple’s Secure Enclave, which is excluded from device backups. Uniswap also shared that users will be able to manually store their seed phrases with a paper copy or encrypt and store it on iCloud.

Use web3 apps on different networks at the same time. You can now get notified when your transactions complete, even if you made them on another device. Also you can choose to unlock your wallet w/ FaceID & back up your seed phrase manually or encrypted in iCloud. Security & code are from the most trusted name in DeFi.

The Uniswap mobile wallet is the best way to manage your portfolio across Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Apple approved Uniswap's first build in October but rejected the final build just a few days before December launch. So rather than waiting for Apple, Uniswap Labs said it plans to release its app to 10,000 users via the TestFlight beta platform. That means it's functionally the same, safe to use, and can be updated to the App Store version after Apple approves it.

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