Porsche testing blockchain applications in vehicles

Like many other world leaders, Porsche, the German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans has decided to adopt blockchain technology.

Announced via newsroom, Porsche is currently testing blockchain applications in collaboration with the Berlin-based start-up XAIN. It will be the first automobile manufacturer to implement and successfully test blockchain directly in vehicles. Other than secured transaction and quick processing, the applications tested include

  • locking and unlocking the vehicle via an app,
  • temporary access authorisations and
  • new business models based on encrypted data logging.

This could be developed further, to improve autonomous driving functions.

Blockchain could hold enormous potential, according to Oliver Döring, Financial Strategist at Porsche:

“We can use blockchain to transfer data more quickly and securely, giving our customers more peace of mind in the future, whether they are charging, parking or need to give a third party, such as a parcel delivery agent, temporary access to the vehicle. We translate the innovative technology into direct benefits for the customer.”

XAIN, a member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, is also winner of first “Porsche Innovation Contest” on blockchain. They worked with the interdisciplinary teams of Porsche for three months to develop and test applications. In addition, Porsche is currently working on further applications for the technology, including in the areas of charging and parking.

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