Aya Miyaguchi new Executive Director of Ethereum Foundation

Effective February 1, 2018, Aya Miyaguchi is the new Executive Director at the Ethereum Foundation. Aya was most recently the Managing Director of Kraken Japan and is a veteran of the blockchain space. She is the Founder@Japan Blockchain Association, Advisor@OmiseGO, @blockchain social impact projects.

Having been involved in different layers of the blockchain ecosystem, I am aware of the the improvements that need to happen at the core level of the Ethereum platform, and that these improvements can only happen with the support of a strong community. I am excited to be taking on this role, and to support the research and development efforts and the relationships within the community,” Aya says.

Ming Chan retired as Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation on January 31, 2018. She was associated with the foundation since August 1, 2015. Ever since her joining, she played a critical role in the development and success of the Foundation. She will be remembered for many significant accomplishments including:

  • Multiple rounds of reorganization for the Foundation, as well as significantly improving efficiency and reducing costs
  • Building relationships with IC3 and other academic groups
  • Navigating and supporting the Foundation through multiple difficult challenges, including the DAO hack and 2016 DoS attacks
  • Overseeing multiple major successful hard forks, including Homestead and Metropolis
  • Overseeing three successful Devcon events

"Now that the Foundation has successfully launched Frontier, released Homestead and Metropolis-1 (aka Byzantium), and has the resources to continue supporting its mission and related projects, teams and goals, I feel satisfied the critical work I was tasked with has been done so that the next part of the journey may take place as envisioned," said Ming Chan.

Ethereum Foundation is looking forward to evolve and grow in the coming years with Aya as a worthy successor.

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