How to Start an EOS Meetup in your area

How to Start an EOS Meetup in your area

In order to build an environment where people of all expertise can come together through shared interests in the EOS.IO software, EOS is encouraging meetup in their local community.

In a communication shared to the registered user on September 17, 2017; project says that if you’d like to create an EOS Meetup in your community, there are a few simple steps you can take to get involved:

  • Join and fill in the necessary details about yourself and your interests.

  • Click Create a Meetup and choose your location.

  • Choose the EOS as a topic related to your Meetup. This will link you to the EOS topics page, which will allow others to easily locate you when they want to find a Meetup in their area.

  • Name your Meetup group. Keep it simple so people can find your group when they search (example: EOS London). You’ll also need to fill out a description of your Meetup Group.

  • Invite people to join and create Meetup events within your group on desired topics.

The team is willing to support these meet ups. You can contact for access to written content, graphics, and other useful links. These materials can be used on your Meetup page or at related events and will continue to grow with relevant content. You can also find additional content on EOS resources page.

For any information on inviting speakers, additional material, or general enquires regarding your Meetup please contact the events team.

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