KickCity Pre-ICO starting from October 4

KickCity, an event platform on blockchain is planning to kickstart its Pre-ICO in Blockchain Solutions Forum (October 3-5, 2017) in Barcelona.

KickCity is a social network and marketing platform powered by reward-based cryptocurrency incentives called KICK tokens. Using blockchain, Kickcity is planning to beat Facebook by rewarding users KICK tokens. The project not only allows to create your own profiles, your own events, and your own groups just like Facebook but an opportunity to earn KICKs through this event:

  • Promoting the event - They can do this by inviting other KickCity users to the event or using a unique promo url to invite people outside the platform.

  • Participating the event - People buying tickets will also be rewarded. This is an added incentive to buy on their platform as opposed to Ticketmaster

In partnership with BECON (Blockchain Ecosystem Network) and Fira de Barcelona, Blockchain Solutions Forum will be the world’s leading blockchain event. The Forum is expecting more than 50,000 visitors and +200 Top-Level speakers.

Project KickCity will be presented to the huge community there in Blockchain Solutions Forum, Barcelona . Also, this event is a representation of communities built and events organized by the KickCity. They plan to kickstart its pre-ICO with 40% Bonus to contributors during the Blockchain Solutions Forum. Within this week, promo-codes to the event with discounts via KickCity will be provided.

Another event powered by KickCity will be taking place on the October 6, 2017 in Barcelona — ICO-Hypethon.

Token Launch Summary

  • Target: USD 12.5 Million;

  • Pre-ICO date: October 4, 2017
    Bonus: 40%

  • ICO date - October 24, 2017

  • Token launch time-frame: 30 days

  • USD 1.00 = 10 KICK;

  • Discounts and bounties will be announced closer to the ICO date.
    160 million smart tokens will be available for crowdsale.


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