Aventus - ICO sold out in 7 minutes, updates on changes in DApp Idea Competition

Aventus, a blockchain based project on Event Ticketing Solution had its crowd sale on September 6, 2017, 12:00pm UTC , It may be one of the fastest crowd sale ever that lasted only for 7 minutes after hitting our hard cap of ~60,000 ETH.

Team Aventus updated on Twitter, "#aventus token sale sold out in 7 minutes. Thanks everyone!!!!"

Aventus raised 27.3k ETH in pre-sale began in July. Their Whitelist contribution period on September 5, 2017 ended in just 4 hours, at price of 92 AVT per ETH. Team aimed to raise min of 24,000ETH and max of 60,000 ETH, which they achieved in just 7 minutes. Congratulations to team!!

Changes in DApp Idea Competition

Aventus, invited public to present detailed ideas for DApps powered by the Aventus protocol by announcing Aventus Protocol DApp Ideas Competition on August 20, 2017. Based on the feedback received from the community, they announced to implement a few changes to the DApp idea proposal competition.

Considering, the voting process could be easily game-able, they decided to implement following changes:

  • All proposals will be sent directly to the judges who will evaluate each one based on its merit.

  • The criteria will be based on feasibility in the ticketing industry, usage of the Aventus protocol, overall marketability, and business model.

  • The judges will choose the best 3 ideas out of the whole lot. This gives everyone an equal, merit-based chance of being one of the winners.

Since there are many more proposals to review, the judges will have from today September 08, until Thursday September 14 to choose the winner, runner-up, and third place ideas. Prizes will then be announced on Friday, 15 September 2017.

If you have any questions about the competition or any of the changes, please contact the #dapp-competition channel on Slack.

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