Aventus Protocol DApp Competition Top 6 Finalists

Aventus Protocol DApp Competition Top 6 Finalists

Aventus, an event ticketing solution on blockchain in no particular order, presents the top 6 DApp competition entries on September 15, 2017! The top 3, in order, will be announced on Monday, after our judges have had a bit more time to come to a consensus about the winners.

  • Bibendum: Bringing consumption purchases to the blockchain through the Aventus protocol

  • CheapCheckAVT App: Using the Aventus protocol for creating, redeeming, and trading coupons and vouchers

  • Zorb: A promotional and navigational tool for events on the Aventus protocol, with its own reward system Orbs that couples to AVT.

  • Xperius: In-event interactive experiences and streamed content enhancing the communication between fans and artists, utilising the Aventus protocol for issuing tickets for the right to access this content outside of the event.

  • 12th Man: A fair market for football tickets built on the Aventus protocol, where sellers are rated, pricing is dynamic, and football-related businesses can market directly to fans.

  • Usher: A personalised event assistant that rewards users for buying tickets, merchandise, etc in AVT and provides event organisers with consumer behaviour insights by leveraging in-event RFID tracking.

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