Aventus Protocol DApp Idea Competition

Aventus Protocol DApp Idea Competition

Aventus, an event ticketing solution project based on Ethereum, today August 20, 2017, invites public to present detailed ideas for DApps powered by the Aventus protocol by announcing Aventus Protocol DApp Ideas Competition.

Competition Structure

  • The competition will run from 21 August to 3 September, and the top 3 proposals will be selected by the 5 September, 2017.

  • Candidates can submit detailed proposals for their DApp ideas as issues in the AventusSystems/aventus-dapp-proposals repository.

  • Proposals will be reviewed based on its adherence to the Aventus DApp Proposal Standard.

  • Once approved, the proposal will be added to the Aventus DApp Proposal Competition Voting Form, where individuals can vote on their choice for the top 3 DApp ideas.

  • On 3 September, the 6 proposals with the highest number of votes will be selected and put through to the competition’s judging panel.

Competition Rewards

  • First place: $10,000 AVT

  • Second place: $4,000 AVT

  • Third place: $1,000 AVT

  • For an approved proposal : $30 AVT

All rewards calculated at initial AVT valuation at token sale.

For the full spec (and how-to guide), see the Github.
If you have any question in the full Github competition specification, please join the #dapp-competition channel on Slack.

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