Dether - Breaking barriers to Ethereum mass adoption

Dether - Breaking barriers to Ethereum mass adoption

Press Release

Imagine a world where you can build unstoppable applications. A trustless digital world where its applications don’t have any kind of censorship, fraud or third party interference. A world where you can participate in democratic and autonomous organizations without previously knowing any participant.

Is it a fantasy? Not really. This world already exists. It’s called Ethereum.

We are announcing a new decentralized solution that enables anyone on Earth to interact with Ethereum blockchain.

Dether is the world’s first peer-to-peer ether network that enables anyone who has a phone to buy and sell ether using cash and even spend it at physical stores.


Why are we launching Dether?

Today, buying and selling ether is a long and difficult process.

Decentralization is at the heart of blockchain; it is even viewed, in the words of Vitalik Buterin, as “blockchain’s entire raison d’être.” Bitcoin paved the way for the first use case of blockchain technology; an “Electronic Peer-to-Peer Cash System” as described by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ethereum blockchain goes even further by offering promising opportunities. Ethereum enables anyone to access and interact with Distributed Applications (Dapps) and smart contracts. It gives the disruptive ability to build trustless digital societies and organizations where its applications don’t have any kind of censorship, fraud or third party interference.

In fact, when one buys ether (Ethereum cryptocurrency), it then becomes possible to access and interact with the Ethereum blockchain. While we’re living in an important time in history, where blockchain technology, and especially Ethereum, is changing the world, one of its greatest challenges remains mass adoption.

However, buying and selling ether remains a centralized process that’s long and difficult:

It takes time and costs money. Registering online, depositing money and getting verified takes days or weeks. And time is money.
• Decentralization is at the core of blockchain’s value proposition; yet, central entities still play a major role in the process of buying cryptocurrencies.
• The overly complex buying process creates barriers to Ethereum mass adoption, as more than 2 billion adults are unbanked and don’t have the necessary bank account to buy ether.
The last mile issue in crypto-currency transactions has yet to be solved.

That’s the reason why we’re launching Dether!


What’s Dether?

Dether is the first mobile decentralized application that lets anyone buy and sell ether using cash and spend it at physical stores listed on the Dether map.

Dether creates a worldwide ecosystem of ether buyers, sellers and physical stores willing to trade ether for fiat cash and accept it as a means of payment. Dether provides the infrastructure for people to embrace the Ethereum technology in their everyday lives.

Dether is available on any smartphone. No bank account is needed to buy and sell ether. No credit/debit card is needed to spend ether at physical stores.

Why use Dether?

1 Buy and sell ether. Anywhere. Anytime. With cash.

Dether offers the unique ability to let anyone safely buy and sell ether anywhere, anytime, with cash.
Anyone can have access to ether within minutes by using a phone and spending cash. Users are able to discover ether sellers, called tellers, near them on the Dether map, their ETH/fiat rate, the fees that they take, and anonymously chat with them. Buyers are free to engage a conversation with the seller they want to in order to agree on the trading conditions and the meeting point for exchanging ether for cash.

2 Use your ether in physical stores all over the world.

Spending ether at local stores, shops and businesses.

On Dether, users discover physical stores near them that accept ether.

As Ethereum popularity is quickly increasing in the world, more and more businesses are accepting ether. Today, it’s possible to buy a Subway sandwich with ether in Bueno Aires, paintings in Paris, a delli in Melbourne or camera in Japan. Tomorrow, the Dether map will give the opportunity to discover all of the places nearby where ether is accepted.

Dether users are able to discover shops near them that:

• accept ether as a means of payment
• are willing to buy or sell ether for cash

Users are able to spend their ether without the need for a bank account or a credit/debit card. For specific needs, users are able to type the kind of physical store they are looking for (ex: restaurant) in their city to see which ones are accepting ether.

A road to full decentralization.

alt text

Our mission is to break barriers to foster Ethereum mass adoption. In other words, Dether aims at making Ethereum accessible to anyone on Earth who wishes to interact with it. Thus, Dether is built on features that guarantee its use by anyone who owns a smartphone and has internet access.

Fully decentralized

  • Peer-to-peer messaging: Dether uses a fully encrypted peer-to-peer messaging solution where none of the information is kept by any entity. Buyers and sellers are able to communicate directly with each other to agree on trade conditions and set up a location meeting.

  • Peer-to-peer trading: buyers and sellers are able to trade together from one Dether Wallet (D-Wallet) to another. When they meet up, sellers are able to scan the buyer’s wallet QR Code or copy their address to transfer the ether. Buyers hand deliver cash for ether.

Powered by Ethereum Smart Contract

  • Keys local storage: when creating a Dether account, users’ keys are created and stored encrypted on their local device. Users have full and exclusive control of their wallet.

  • Smart contract rating system: buyers and sellers have their own public reputation rating based on the transactions they have successfully achieved and their transaction volume.


  • Secured local transactions: Dether never holds users’ funds. Sellers are free to transfer ether to their D-Wallet. When they do so, buyers are able to see the amount of ether the sellers are willing to sell. Only the user has the ability to fund his wallet, sell or withdraw his ether.

Mobile first and responsive design

  • Individuals move and need solutions adapted to their needs. That’s the reason Dether is a mobile first solution with a mobile responsive design.

No Bank account needed

  • Phones are the new bank and ether is the new currency. By using a smartphone, anyone can localize ether buyers and sellers on the Dether map as well as stores that accept ether as a means of payment.

Project Overview

Disclaimer: Information provided here is by the Dether team for the promotion of the project.

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