KickCity pre-sale and ICO update

KickCity, a reward-based social platform for Event Industry announces a month long ICO starting from October 1, 2017.

KickCity is already a revenue generating event management company that plans to disrupt the $30Billion Event Ticketing Industry with introducing 'KICK' token to a decentralized, transparent and reward-based event industry. It is also a partner of the first large ICO-Hypethon which will be held on 16-17 August 2017 in Street Art Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

KickCity is having pre-sale of KICK Tokens starting on August 16, 2017 during the ICO-Hypethon. The pre-sale will be private, 50% discount on the first day and 40% afterwards.

Token Launch Summary

  • Target: $25 million USD;

  • Launch date: 1st October 2017;

  • Token launch time-frame: 30 days;

  • $1.00 = 10 KICKs;
    Special conditions for contributing more than 1000 ETH, please email

  • From 16th August till 31st October, Kickcity will be giving out 400 000 Kicks as Kick-backs to people who attend certain Blockchain events hosted on our platform across the globe.

  • Discounts and bounties will be announced later.

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