Ziber ICO starts tomorrow

Ziber ICO starts tomorrow

Ziber, the first blockchain mobile operator starts sale of the tokens on July 27, 12:00 GMT.

According to the newsletter, all funds sent before the specified time will be returned.

(view contract address at Etherscan) Contract Source Code Verified. Make sure that you transfer money to the right wallet. It should completely match with the wallet published on the website www.ziber.io.

Money sent through exchanges is not accepted, only a direct ETH transfer.

Main facts about Ziber

  • The finished product has been tested by thousands of users in dozens of countries around the world.

  • The company are having the token sale to raise money to scale the already existing product and promote it around the world. To open new offices, hire extra staff and engage in marketing.

  • Ziber helps usual people to earn money the next day after the ICO ends.

  • The project team and initial investors keep 10% of the ICO tokens to themselves and this will be the best motivation for them to evolve the project. The challenge is to increase the cost of Ziber tokens as the number of calls through Ziber application grow.

  • Ziber shares 10% of the ICO tokens among all owners of Blockchain and Ethereum wallets. To get these free tokens you need to confirm the ownership of your wallet by sending a micro payment to Ziber. To get a detailed guide please click the following link: https://ziber.io/howto.pdf and proceed to step number 9.

  • By taking part in the ICO everyone can purchase tokens at the price of the initial distribution. After that the tokens can be used either to pay for mobile calls or as an investment into Ziber platform, as well as for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • The minimal acceptable funding is 5000 ETH and the upper limit is set to 50000 ETH. After collecting 50000 ETH the ICO will be closed.

Details of ICO and investment guide can be read here.

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