Ziber - Blockchain mobile operator

What is Ziber?

Ziber is the first blockchain mobile operator. ZIber is a decentralized system of master nodes around the world installed on different servers or VPS. The Ziber mobile application is easy to download to your smartphone (Android and iOS)and redirect VOIP calls from mobil phones, internet application and other devices to the main blockchain system. The Ziber client on a mobile phone allows other people call using the phones as a proxy server routing. This call is completely free.


Ziber is using Ethereum platform for its Initial Crowd Sale (ICO) starting on July 27, 2017 at 12.00 GMT.

  • 100 million ZIber tokens will be issued. It is 10 days ICO.

  • The minimum threshold sum is 1 million GBP, if the payment is not reached, all funds will be returned to the subscriber.

  • With the attraction of 10 million GBP, the ICO will be completed within 24 hours.

Details of ICO and investment guide can be read here.

Project Overview

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