Basic Attention Token (BAT) moved out of Slack, hiring Ethereum devs

Basic Attention Token (BAT) moved out of Slack, hiring Ethereum devs

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is one of the projects who created history in raising millions of dollars for development of project through lightening ICO in June 2017. According to the team, token sale enabled them to create a user growth pool of 300 million BATs. They started with the Brave Payments beta in fall, which uses Bitcoin for automated micro-donations to publishers and at present has 162 verified publishers.

Slack out in

After researching and testing alternatives, the BAT team has announced transition from BAT Slack to for open communication and collaboration with its community members. The transition will start Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 11AM PDT. However, the BAT Slack will remain open as read-only for 7 days during the transition to

The reason for move as mentioned in the announcement is the participation of bad actors, trying to take advantage of the openness of Slack channel and attempting to scam participants.

  • The BAT Slack monitors witnessed an increase in incidents and reports from our community concerning false information and fraudulent messages.

  • Direct messages were used in some cases by users pretending to be BAT staff.

  • The /remind Slackbot command was used on occasion to send false information.

  • The Incoming Webhooks integration was used once to pose as the BAT APP and send messages about a fake “second sale.”

BAT's community managers will help facilitate the transition. They are also continuing to expand the team of community managers, with the goal of having full coverage across time zones on a 24/7 basis.

Hiring Ethereum Developers

BAT will recruit around twenty people over several months, in small groups that match the ongoing priorities of the roadmap. They are looking for talent in machine learning, Ethereum, devops, project management, marketing, design, as well as more browser developers.

In an announcement , BAT outlined the roadmap, they are in the Mercury phase of our platform development and they are using sale funds to hire several people to complete this phase, including BAT wallet integration into Brave and converting Brave Payments from Bitcoin to BAT. It also includes developing the on-device machine learning models that privately match catalogued ads as well as developing the framework of user-private ad experience.

Following openings are available on the [website](link url)

  • Senior Cloud Engineer, BAT

  • Ad Tech Engineer

  • Project Manager

  • Senior Web/Marcom Designer

  • Senior UX/Product Designer

  • Chromium Engineer, Security

  • Chromium Engineer, Muon

  • Chromium Engineer, Android

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