EtherWorld's weekly: July 2, 2017

EtherWorld's weekly: July 2, 2017

(Blockchain Newspaper)


WEF published white paper on 'Realizing the Potential of Blockchain'

Starting 1 July 2017, Bitcoin use in Australia will no longer result in double taxation. The government announced the change in its 2017-18 budget report.

NEM partners with Blockchain Global to expand internationally.

Vitalik Buterin: The cryptocurrency prophet.

Nvidia to launch graphics cards specifically designed for digital currency mining.

Bitcoin accepted at New York pre-school.

Colombian Government Still Does Not Recognize Bitcoin as a Legal Currency.

Project updates

The ENS soft launch period is over!

Monaco (MCO) token is listed on @BittrexExchange - trading begins July 1st, 6pm US Pacific Time.

EOS Trading on Bitfinex from July 01, 2017.

Augur Weekly Development Update — June 29th.

Aragon to power the district0x Network

Aventus Token Sale Bug Bounty

New Projects

NOTTAR - Notarise documents using the Ethereum blockchain

UnikoinGold- eSports betting platform

Thetoken.eth- subdomains for all major tokens

InPay - First Dual Blockchain Project For Ethereum Classic and Waves.


EthereumJS Team is Seeking Contributors.

district0x is hiring.

Golem - Testers Wanted for a New Golem GUI.

Developer's Update

Accounts, Transactions, Gas, and Block Gas Limits in Ethereum by Hudson Jameson.

Ethereum Core Developers update (June 30, 2017).

ICO / Token sale updates

Vitalik’s views towards token sale.

Blocktix - Blocktix is an Ethereum based, counterfeit-resistant solution for individuals and event hosting businesses to distribute, advertise, and transfer ownership of event tickets or passes. It is an event hosting platform designed for the real world. July 07, 2017. Twitter Crowdsale details.

Harbour DAO - July 19, 2017

Upcoming Events

EOS in London Fintech Week - July (10 – 14), 2017.

Blockchain Competition 2017 – July (17 – 30), 2017

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