Geth 1.6.2 (Nonce, Inc.) released.

Geth 1.6.2 (Nonce, Inc.) released.

Geth 1.6.1 was released earlier this month, which was mostly a bug fix release adding various polishes throughout the codebase.

Today (May 31, 2017), community releases Get 1.6.2 (Nonce) , which is mostly a maintenance release with new features added around transaction handling:

  • Server-side tx nonce assignment works for concurrent RPC calls to sendTransaction (#14516).

  • The transaction pool accepts transactions with any gas price (#14442).

  • (potentially breaking change) Key imports enforce private key length of 32 bytes (#14502). This affects the personal_importRawKey RPC method.

For other minor changes in this release, see the 1.6.2 milestone.

Binaries and mobile libraries are available on download page.

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