Blockchain/Cryptocurrency News Writer

We're looking for a crypto news writer with 2 years of experience!

Blockchain/Cryptocurrency News Writer

EtherWorld is read by thousands of blockchain followers. We provides a regular updates, news, video guides and technical blogs to understand how things work with Ethereum.

Job Type

  • Contract (Full Time)


  • Competitive Pay
  • Work Location : Remote
  • Flexible Working Hours

Skills Required

  • Journalism Background.
  • Atleast 2 Years of Previous Work Experience as a Blockchain/Cryptocurrency News Writer
  • Ability to identify Fresh, Relevant, Newsworthy Topics
  • High Proofreading Skills
  • Plagiarism Free Work
  • Strong knowledge of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Working Knowledge of Markdown/Google Docs
  • Updated with Latest Trends in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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