SRG - Gaming Loyalty Program on Blockchain

SRG - Gaming Loyalty Program on Blockchain

SRG (Support Rich Games), a blockchain based startup is set to disrupt online gaming industry by introducing a distributed gaming loyalty platform. The company is preparing for its token sale launch on October 04, 2017.

Introducing Decentralized Intra-gaming Platform

Online gaming is a big industry is growing rapidly. According to SRG white paper, on average, 750 games are added every day in the App Store and Google Play. The volume of the global e-commerce market in the online games segment was 95.2 billion USD in 2016.

Concept of the project is based on the problems of game developers. SRG introduces the first decentralized intra-gaming platform with a loyalty program and a referral system using Ethereum smart contracts. It offers Crypto-based rewards to gamers, increasing their engagement with the SRG platform.

SRG brings a platform where both game developers and players are in win-win situation.

  • Developers - Games developers will be able to plug into this system with zero advance fee through an API. They can save on marketing costs too. They get a pay-as-you-go marketing system in which they are guaranteed to only pay for results.

  • Players - Player will get regular loyalty rewards and a referral rewards, if he chooses to introduce new players to a game. He gets rewarded for the time they put into a game and for their efforts in spreading the word about it.

This is a fair gaming platform where rewards are paid in cryptocurrency. With the help of Ethereum Smart Contract, awards are programmed to be distributed automatically and transparently with fixed rules which cannot be changed without deploying an entirely new contract.

The project offers 2 tokens type:

  • Gameplay point (GMP) - tokens which use in SRG community for internal payments to referrer.

  • SRG token (SRG) - profit share tokens which will be sell during ICO, this tokens give you opportunity to get profit once every six months.

The SRG application will be available in 2 versions:

  1. For personal computers (Windows, Mac OS).
  2. For mobile platforms (iOS, Android).

For Users - The version for PC and Mac will have advanced capabilities. Any user can download the application or click on the referral link, register and become a member of the SRG Community.

For developers - Since, the module is universal and can be integrated into any application (PC or Mobile), this means that after approval and integration by the developers, all players will be updated at the same time and our platform will appear.

After users update the game, they will gain access to the additional tab to switch to the SRG platform. In the future, if users are interested, they can register and become the members of the SRG Community.

Contribution to Ethereum Community Growth

According to SRG forecasts, more than 11 Mln new wallets will be created by SRG Community members by 2019. All payment operations in SRG will be done via Ethereum network and hence all referrals will create their own Ethereum Wallet. So, in a way SRG also contributes to the growth of the Ethereum community.

Token sale Details

  • Token sale date - October 04, 2017.

  • SRG Token - The SRG token is a token issued exclusively during the ICO period, which entitles you to receive a share of SRG’s profits every six months.

  • All tokens (100%) sold and distributed during the ICO are provided by 50% of the company’s profits.

  • 1 SRG - 2 USD. At the end of the ICO period, the SRG tokens will be traded on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Tokens not sold during the ICO will be burned immediately after the ICO.

  • Once every six months, SRG will allocate 50% of the profit for the payment of rewards to the token holders.

  • Total Token - 20 000 000 SRG. No additional issuing. 100% pre-mined.

The funds raised will be used for releasing the complete platform, attract new game developers into the SRG Community and develop the worldwide market.

About SRG

The development began in August 2017, with a team of professionals who have had extensive experience in the marketing industry. CEO Nikita Petrov is an expert in developing loyalty programs and analytics of the mobile applications market. BDO Sergey Cheshunas is the director and founder of a large Moscow digital agency. Project Manager Alexander Fominykh has extensive experience in managing and conducting IT projects.

SRG visions to unite a target stream of players by connecting small gaming communities so no one will be left alone. Developers can devote their energy to improve on the games instead of attracting the traffic, good games will earn their own reputation with this new system.

Project Overview

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article and should not be viewed as an endorsement by EtherWorld. Readers are requested to do their own research before investing into any project.

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