KickCity - A ‘Y combinator’ Startup-school Alumnus is Using Blockchain Technology to Beat Facebook on It’s New Mission

Press Release

The crypto-world is the next reality and KickCity plans to connect everyone in the crypto-world through reward-based communities on blockchain. The company has been existing for more than 2 years with products that generate revenue.

Community-building is the future of social interaction. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook understands this and that was why he recently changed Facebook’s mission in an open letter to his employees.

To achieve this mission quickly, the company has broken the process into 2 major stages.

1. Event Platform on Blockchain

This stage is 70% complete and already generating thousands of dollars in revenue. By focusing on Blockchain events, the platform will support stronger offline and online communities. Users currently can buy tickets using FIAT and Bitcoins and certain ERC20 Tokens.

2. Value Communities

KickCity protocols will allow for the creation of value communities where information and content can be exchanged simultaneously without third-parties. Facebook + Slack on Blockchain.


KICK-tokens are smart standard ERC20 tokens which implement Bancor protocols, providing asynchronous price-discovery while maintaining continuous liquidity by using constant ratios of reserve tokens (held through smart contracts, acting as automated market makers.

Token Economy

  • Decentralized P2P Event Marketing & Promotion 
    Traditional event marketing with CPC model has failed as the conversion rate is very low. KickCity P2P protocol will use smart contracts to distribute reward among users based on their promotional power. Basically, a decentralized and transparent referral system for the event industry where anyone can earn KICK for their promotional power and event makers can save time, energy and money.

  • Event Crowdfunding 
    KICK smart tokens will allow for event crowdfunding. For example, an organizer can receive funds for hosting and organizing an event while users that contributed can attend his event using the issued tokens.

  • White Label and Network Token
    It will be easier and quicker to integrate with established event companies (like Ticketmaster or Eventbrite) using the network token. KICK will serve as a reserve token for other event tokens (i.e Ticketmaster token). The more other tokens are used in other event platforms, the more the value of KICK-tokens.

  • Value Community
    With more people joining crypto-communities each day, there is need for a blockchain-based community platform. This will allow for exchange of information and value. A Value Network is a set of connections between individuals interacting with each other to benefit the entire group. A Value Network allows members to buy and sell products as well as share information. The nodes in a value network represent people. For the ICO- community, managing different communities in different platforms (like Slack, Telegram, WeChat etc) is a herculean task. KickCity proposes a common decentralized platform for community building for the crypto-world. Community creators can charge a fee in KICK and participants pay to join communities. 2% of every transaction goes to the reserve, thereby propping the appreciation of KICK-tokens.

With the token economy and blockchain technology, KickCity has a value advantage for it’s users (such as the possibility to earn rewards and exchange value) over Facebook, who makes money off the data of it’s users.


160 million tokens will be distributed during the initial token sale with a price of 1ETH = 3000 KICK tokens.


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