Mysterium (MYST) Token Sale Guide

Mysterium (MYST) Token Sale Guide

Mysterium Network publishes a guide for Token sale starting from May 30, 2017 at 13:00 UTC.

As per the post, anyone interested in participating in Mysterium Token (MYST) sale, needs a wallet service or an application where he holds the private key.

Suggested compatible wallets are:

Compatible hardware wallets are:

Participating in the token sale:

  • Buy Ether (ETH) in a cryptocurrency exchange OR convert your crypto currencies (e.g. BTC) into Ether. You can do it on Coinbase, Cexio, Shapeshift, Changelly or other exchanges.

  • Transfer Ether to your token-compatible Ethereum wallet.
    Go to Mysterium homepage.
    IMPORTANT: Contribution address is posted ONLY on Mysterium homepage.

  • Click on the Contribute button and follow the instructions.

Token Sale Terms

  • Soft Cap 6M equivalent in CHF

  • 72 hours countdown after Soft Cap

  • Hard Cap 14M equivalent in CHF

  • 20% bonus before Soft Cap is reached

  • Buy MYST tokens in ETH directly, or in BTC and various fiat currencies via our partner Bitcoin Suisse AG

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