Ethereum Improvement Proposals Insight

Ethereum Improvement Proposals Insight

August 2021

Ethereum Request for Comments (ERCs) Process

With the recent explosion of applications being build on the Ethereum blockchain and a number of proposals waiting in DRAFT staus, it becomes increasingly important to standardize the Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC) proposals and encourage authors to push it to attain the FINAL status to build a library of standards for Ethereum developers.

The Ethereum Request for Comments (ERCs) Process describes the ERC standardization process - the work flow, ERC statuses, ERC editors' & responsibilities. It also states the problems identified at users, authors & proposal management level with some proposaed solutions.

EIP/ERC editor’s handbook


Disclaimer: The information contained on this web page is for education purposes only. Readers are suggested to conduct their own research, review, analyze and verify the content before relying on them.

This page is continously updated. It is a representation of state of Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) process & statistics as per the information collected from different resoucrces. Refer to EIP-1: EIP Purpose and Guidelines to follow the current Ethereum Improvement Proposal process.

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