The Merge: How to join the Kintsugi testnet?

The Merge: How to join the Kintsugi testnet?


0:13 - Introduction
0:48 - What is Kintsugi testnet?
2:19 - How to connect Kintsugi with Metamask? {Method 1}
2:52 - How to connect Kintsugi with Metamask? {Method 2}
4:20 - How to get funds from the faucet?
5:12 - How to do a transaction in Kintsugi testnet?
6:32 - How to check transaction on Kintsugi testnet?


Document -
Transaction explorer -
Consensus monitor -
Faucet -


Yash Kamal Chaturvedi -
Vishal Thyagrajan -


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